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Institute of Laos research

As one of the ten Nation research institutes of ASEAN nations subordinated to Institute of China-ASEAN research, this institute is equipped with an independent office,several well-equipped office facilities and a shared academic seminar room. The Institute consists of 2-3 members, from Innovation team of China-ASEAN regional cooperation research (Business School), Institute of China-ASEAN research and Political School. The Institute has a large number of literatures on all aspects and areas of Laos, as well as progresses in various fields of cooperation between China and Laos. Tens of thousands of related papers and hundreds of monographs are mainly involved in Laos’ national economy, culture, politics, history, ethnics and religion, as well as the cooperation between China and Laos, covering economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges, political cooperation, international relations, financial cooperation and so on. Set independently, this institute is able to comprehensively and thoroughly study Laos and the relationship between China and Laos, which reinforces a solid foundation for China-ASEAN integration and internationalization of the RMB. The Institute will continue to engage in the study of the latest developments in Laos and China-Laos cooperation, as well as new areas of cooperation and development between China and Laos etc.



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